Monday, July 25, 2011

Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places

If I don't have something to photograph, I will challenge myself in order to keep the creative juices flowing. I look around whatever is near me to find something that is common and plain--something that is easily visually discarded and regarded as physical white noise in the background. The challenge is to make that seemingly insignificant thing seem not only significant, but purposefully planned and sought after. (Wow, that sentence was a mouthful!)

On two occasions, I chose to focus on items that crowded my overly messy nightstand. The earrings on the left hang on a holder that is filled with different styles of earrings. In fact, since our move, a lot of the earrings are missing a mate. The earring holder, in an of itself, would make for a rather boring shot--missing earring and all. However, by honing the focus on a specific pair of earrings, attention isn't wasted on the lonely earrings. One can't even tell there are mate-less earrings.

Similarly, the necklace was haphazardly tossed onto stray tissue paper that just never made into the trash can. I had fun using the light to really play off the translucent-colored beads, and the color contrast of the bright pink paper. This wasn't a shot I would have thought to create on own, but I was happy with the result once I was done.

Lesson that I've learned (and try to keep in mind when I feel like there isn't anything to shoot)? Play! Challenge the eye. Take pictures anyway! There are gems all around, waiting for their 15-minutes of fame.

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